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Moxie in Motion is born from the mind of Michelle Martonick whose ambition, as a personal trainer, is to help her clients get in touch with what drives them. To empower them, educate them and help them connect with their own fierce determination; to put their Moxie into Motion.  Whether you are taking your first steps towards better health and fitness, returning from an absence or you are an established athlete, Michelle can take you to the next level with her holistic hands on approach to motivation, movement and diet.

Michelle began Moxie in Motion as a way to be more than just a great trainer, and rather create a community for health and wellness.  She firmly believes continual growth in every aspect of your life is the key to a life well lived and for that reason sees “getting in shape” as only part of the much larger quest. It all ties together; eating right, lifting weights, cardio, meditation, stretching, bodywork,  mindfulness, taking action etc… to contribute to making you the best YOU possible.

Each persons journey is different and therefor you require different tools to reach your goals.  Michelle makes it a point to ensure you have every kind of support at your disposal by staying in close contact with other great professionals in the health and wellness community, in addition to providing you with her wealth of knowledge and experience with a variety of disciplines.

Training with a Michelle is more then just lifting weights a few times a week. She seeks everyday to keep you motivated, educated and driven towards YOUR goals. Improving your health and wellness doesn’t just make you look better or feel better; it improves your whole life.  Exercise and healthy eating give you courage, confidence, strength and MOXIE. It puts your whole life into high gear. Choosing to be part of the Moxie Family is choosing to take a step deeper into yourself in search of that extra oomph, the edge on life we all are striving to have.

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Who is Michelle Martonick?

Brought up in the North West, Michelle spent a lot of her childhood playing out doors, being a tomboy and engaging in youth sports. However, Figure Skating grabbed her attention and at a young age Michelle fell in love with competition. Today her competitive endeavors are focused on the sport of Bodybuilding and Powerlifting.  Michelle has a strong background in Pilates and Yoga allowing her to tailor training to nearly anyone’s physical goals. In addition she has an innate sense of body movement and form, putting her clients on the safest, most effective training programs for their bodies and also making her very capable of altering exercises to fit each individuals needs.  Everything is truly individualized. She continually educates her self through classes and working with other top trainers and bodywork specialist in the fitness industry to have the best information on hand to help her clients succeed.

Michelle also worked for 6 years as a professional chef, and graduated from the California Culinary Academy in 2001. She cooked in several upscale establishments before working with a successful diet program both designing meal plans and cooking home delivery meals. As a physique competitor, Michelle has learned under a variety of nutritions, taking in a wide array of approaches to weight loss, body sculpting and better health. Today she draws from this education to help her clients best incorporate healthy eating and cooking into their own lives.

However, Michelle’s whole life hasn’t been a shiny glossy path to health and wellness. Her love affair with food has, at times, felt more like a bad relationship and she has first hand experience in trying to shed unwanted pounds. By knowing these struggles she has learned how to best get through them and avoid future pitfalls. She values the ambitious lifestyle of most Angelinos but is now a die hard fan of having balance in ones life , and knows through this they are more likely to achieve all their goals. For this reason she believes there is a way to fit healthy eating and exercise into everyones life and she loves to help them find that way, no matter what it takes. She truly wants everyone to be the best they can, from the inside out.







Personal training is just that; personal. I strongly encourage everybody when looking for personal training, to take their time and find the person and program that suits them best. The most important part of getting healthy is consistency, so if you are doing something you don’t like, in a program you can’t afford, or not excited to see your trainer every week, your chances of success go down. Michelle will always make efforts to get you exactly what you need and make you feel you have found YOUR home for health and wellness. In line with that motto she offers a few options for getting you started, to fit different goals, budgets and schedules. If you don’t see what you need here, never hesitate to ask! Her number one goal is to get you on a better path to health and wellness today.

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People come to trainers for many reason, to feel good, look good and correct health issues, just to name a few. However, as much as exercise is of great assistance in reaching these goals, it is truly nutrition that makes the biggest impact on transformation. Weather looking to lose pounds, add muscle, find more peace, create energy, have better skin, nourishing the body appropriately is a key factor in reaching ones goals. For this reason Moxie in Motion offers a variety of programs to take you to the next level of better eating. No matter where you are at in your life, Moxie can help you keep moving forward feeling lighter, faster and more clear minded with the right nutrition.


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