Healthy Greek-ish Salad

When I am prepping for a show one of the hardest things is coming up with dishes I LOVE to eat.. and that I won’t wreck my diet. I can eat carbs and I definitely can eat protein but I have to eat them at certain times so really I can only snack on veggies when I just need to stuff my face at random times, so over time I started playing around with a lot of seasonings and combinations and this was one of the first dishes I came up with and really loved. The secret is the garlic and onions. Ha Ha. Its probably not great if you are at work or about to go to a party, but it sure satisfied my taste buds. And on note is to make sure you look at your Balsamic Vinegar label. Some can obtain a lot of sugar.

Lily’s Word: The VERY Beginning -OR- Why I Decided to Become a Fit Chick

Here at Moxie we like to support and promote everyone we think is working hard for something they love, in hopes that by just being positive and supportive, everyone involved will find more fitness, balance, reward and passion in their lives.  For that reason, the Moxie family is super excited to share with you Lily Mae, a client, and now member, of the Moxie Family.

Lilly has only been training with us a short time, but already we have found her hunger and passion to make major changes in her life exciting to watch and we are certain she is bound to motivate many more. I thought what better then to share this amazing journey she is embarking upon with others who too are just starting out, or who may be struggling to take those first steps? I always regretted that I didn’t better document my return to getting in shape when I first came back after many years away. Too often those on the outside only see competitors, models and trainers in their perfected, photoshopped, completed state. They don’t get to know all the work, sacrifices and struggles that go into achieving those amazing physiques.   The fact of the matter is, change is hard, and we all started somewhere far from cover models and experts. When the end result is all one sees, its easy to get discouraged when it doesn’t come easy.