The Pursuit of Progress

Progress is an interesting word. I am sure this doesn’t only apply to training and learning to eat better,  (I am learning almost every lesson I encounter in my training can and does apply to all of life), but what I once thought meant to move forward now seem seems to be much more of an up-and-down thing. Like, one day I feel great and on fire and the next like a lump of coal. And to me, that doesn’t feel much like progress at all, but what I learned this week is that isn’t really the case. Sometimes what feels harder, looks like backward movement and leaves me down on my knees can actually be the greatest progress of all.

Last week I experienced what I would call my “first official leg day”. At least thats what my trainer and my trainer friends all told me after I crawled home and felt sick for a the first 3 hours after. All I kept thinking was “what did I do wrong?” but the answer I got back was- you were finally doing everything right. Ok, maybe Michelle told me I should eat a bigger breakfast now that we are training harder, make

How to succeed at making a major change in your life!

If it takes 21 days to build a habit… Well then… Yay! I made it!…At this point I have been able to adjust all other daily activities around my training and it just feels like a part of my daily routine- I truly thought this life change would be a time suck, but by committing 110% and not dragging my feet on the change- in no time it has become second nature. For instance, I am waking up with no alarm at the 6:00am hour, whereas you couldn’t pay me to get out of bed before 9:00am prior to starting my training. I was the “roll out of bed at the last minute” type for the longest time. This new schedule actually feels good and I no longer have a moody or groggy feeling when I have to wake up early. I think its I sleep better largely because the workouts kick my butt, but also my better eating, I am no longer late night binging. I also do my best to keep my new time schedule everyday of the week and do things like take a morning walk or cook a nice breakfast for myself on my non-training days- prior to working my eight hour shift. This is such a big change for me and I never knew I could actually enjoy those simple activities- or getting up early! It actually makes me feel like I have MORE time now.



Diets Kill- Food Lives- or something kinda close to that

As I wrap up my third week of my new lifestyle I am finding myself questioning things I never even knew I needed to know, discovering sides of myself I didn’t think existed and for the first time in my life, feeling like I honestly never knew how little I know. To me these all sound like huge life changing things- and I’m just working out more, right? So what gives? 9d1377408c51e7a196249a1e10e6cb3f

Well apparently I’m not just working out, I’m learning how to live better, not just survive. Probably the biggest contributor to these much larger life revelations is the slow but steady revelation that food, and what I put in my body, is a much larger factor in attempting to reach my goals. And not only food, but everything in my life is intertwined. I can’t just go to the gym 3, 4, 5 hours a week and work hard and think “there, I am finally doing it- I am finally going to get sexy”.

Who Knew Training Would Be Such A Mental Workout?

I’m can’t believe how much I am learning every week of this journey. What I thought I knew about my body and the human body in general, is being turned upside down nearly every day. For example; My body is like a furnace! The more I put in it, to an extent, the more it burns. My old ideas of starving and minimal calories are quickly being disproven. Im also learning the more muscle I build, the brighter and hotter that furnace burns through out the day. Wait, so if I put on muscle I can eat more? why did I wait so long to do this?? ha ha.  Not only can I eat more, I am also being told to rest? I thought I was suppose to do all the cardio I could each and every day? No wonder so many people can’t achieve the bodies they want. The common ideas are so backwards to what I am learning now and in only two short weeks have made major changes to my body..

Booty Building 101

Found this old video from last fall this morning and realized I had never posted it. I took if for two reasons-

ONE :to show one of the many amazing reasons I love Golds Gym in Venice. There is so much equipment there, old and new, all under one roof, that I have yet to find elsewhere. I know these little contraptions exists in other gyms- but for some reason, this one is just the best. Maybe it sentimental because I never used one before I got to Golds.. I don’t even know what you call it. Either way, if you are a fitness fanatic like myself you should really try to make it there once in your life. Its very inspirational and the energy is intoxicating. Everyone is so hungry to be the best.