Booty Building 101

Found this old video from last fall this morning and realized I had never posted it. I took if for two reasons-

ONE :to show one of the many amazing reasons I love Golds Gym in Venice. There is so much equipment there, old and new, all under one roof, that I have yet to find elsewhere. I know these little contraptions exists in other gyms- but for some reason, this one is just the best. Maybe it sentimental because I never used one before I got to Golds.. I don’t even know what you call it. Either way, if you are a fitness fanatic like myself you should really try to make it there once in your life. Its very inspirational and the energy is intoxicating. Everyone is so hungry to be the best.

Importance of Intent.


I often see people at the gym just “walking” through the motions of an exercise and wonder if they really know what muscle group they are trying to target. This is where working with a trainer can really increase the productivity of you workouts. Its not JUST about burning calories, but understanding what your goals are and how to reach them through specific movements and focus. In this video You can see me using a back extension machine in TWO ways. This is a perfect example of why knowing what you are trying to achieve is important