How to succeed at making a major change in your life!

If it takes 21 days to build a habit… Well then… Yay! I made it!…At this point I have been able to adjust all other daily activities around my training and it just feels like a part of my daily routine- I truly thought this life change would be a time suck, but by committing 110% and not dragging my feet on the change- in no time it has become second nature. For instance, I am waking up with no alarm at the 6:00am hour, whereas you couldn’t pay me to get out of bed before 9:00am prior to starting my training. I was the “roll out of bed at the last minute” type for the longest time. This new schedule actually feels good and I no longer have a moody or groggy feeling when I have to wake up early. I think its I sleep better largely because the workouts kick my butt, but also my better eating, I am no longer late night binging. I also do my best to keep my new time schedule everyday of the week and do things like take a morning walk or cook a nice breakfast for myself on my non-training days- prior to working my eight hour shift. This is such a big change for me and I never knew I could actually enjoy those simple activities- or getting up early! It actually makes me feel like I have MORE time now.



Making it through the first four weeks feels like a bigger accomplishment then I really could have expected. I am proud of myself because I did not give up, make excuses, or miss a training session. In the past, I always wanted quick and fast results and big wins. Now I am learning how to pay attention to my smaller accomplishments, and they really feel bigger then I would have thought. I am working on being in the moment, so I notice the small things.  And I am realizing that I do feel better than ever. These two things are what help me continue to push each day to the next level. More then anything, however, I am aware how much work it takes to get those original goals I had in mind. Before I did this all, working out for four weeks straight didn’t seem like a large feat. Now, I see it can be when I am pushing myself this hard everyday, so I am proud of these four weeks! I am now promising myself I will focus on the my daily accomplishments, so that I can keep up my good momentum for the long haul versus beating myself up for not getting that 6pack overnight. I see now that my old “need results now” mentality was setting myself up for failure. It is a thought process of setting unreachable goals that lead to feeling defeated and often quitting. That is  so clear to me now.  This all takes time and constant effort- a lesson I am now applying to my whole life not just shaping my body.

Transitioning into this commitment wasn’t easy, but like I said, I went in 110% ready and that actually made it easier. I even recently added a training day because its like the more I commit the easier it gets. Also, knowing what to expect each day now helps keep me focused- rather then fighting what I know to be true. For example, I can always expect to sweat profusely, be corrected, find new weakness, and work real stinking hard. Trying to stay cute, be perfect or avoid a challenge will only make things harder Ive learned. I want to make sure that I stay committed to myself and continue to make progress and I have found that making progress is a little addicting. A good addiction! I am totally surprised how much I just love feeling good, Im not so obsessed as I was with the prize (amazing body) at the end, but that will still be an added plus! IT hasn’t been easy, and for that I am glad, because I wouldn’t feel as accomplished as I already do. If it were a cake walk, I would feel more in a hurry to get to the end because the process wouldn’t feel like I was doing anything. This whole transformation process is a very humbling situation for me and I am amazed how many of these lessons transcend the gym. These are lessons in commitment, focus, humility and success that are spilling over into my everyday life. For that reason I am even more excited I started down this path and more thankful that I am getting to experience this opportunity.

Getting healthy and working with a great trainer is so much more then I thought it would be! My new goals now are to gain strength and work on form- I know the 6 pack will come if I just stay the course, and for that reason I can enjoy the process and the daily rewards.


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