One on One

One on One Personal Training

The most popular program – be popular LA

Finding the right trainer is more then just picking someone inexpensive and convenient, in fact this can lead to injury, failure to reach your goals and more. On the other hand, finding someone who really gets your needs and desires and understands the obstacles in your life can mean creating a partnership for years to come. When you have that awesome partnership and support system you get more then a few hours of exercise. You get motivation, education, injury prevention, faster progress and a better life. You find a path to health and wellness that fits YOU. Finding the right personal trainer for you should take time and feel just right and for that reason, the first consultation/session is always free.

$125.00 a session
$1125.00 10pk
$2200.00 20 pk– only available to those training 3 times a week or more.


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