Program Design

Independent Program design

You’re only as successful as you desire to be

Designing a workout program for an individual is a different process if the client has not been working with a trainer on a regular basis. For that reason we have two types of independent program design.

For those already working with one of our trainers that may need to take a hiatus for one reason or another, we will put together a progression of training workouts to suit your needs based on what is available to you (if you are traveling) and your goals. We will keep in touch with you while you are away and are always happy to answer your questions and concerns

For those totally new to training, we will fist do a consultation with you via Skype (if you are out of town) or in person and get a better understanding of your overall goals, limitations, experience and time commitment.  After considering all this, we will take the time to put together a plan for you. Additionally, we anticipate there will be more time dedicated to communication with your over the course of your training to help you better understand your plan. For these reason there is different pricing.

Programs are written in a simple fashion for easy go-to reference. However, we also include more detailed notes and video clips when necessary for deeper understanding of movements and exercises one might be less familiar with.  With both options we are always happy to take your questions via email text or phone, but shoot for at least a weekly check in.


One week program

– a weeks worth of exercises and recommendation
based on our goals for you.

Current Clients- 100.00 New Clients- 200.00

One month program

-a months worth of training exercises and recommendations based our goals for you along withregular check ins to monitor progress and program feedback.

Current Clients- 200.00 New Clients- 300.00

3 month program

– Because a lot can change in 3 months, your initial program will only be for the first month.. This way Michelle can change your work out based on your needs, for example If one is progressing quickly and needs more challenge, or if an injury occurs and work outs need to be altered she can do so.Every 3-5 weeks your program with get a revamp based on your personal needs.

Current Clients- 550.00 New Clients- 750.00


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