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What is Moxie in Motion?

Moxie in Motion is born from the mind of Michelle Martonick whose ambition, as a personal trainer, is to help her clients get in touch with what drives them, empower them, educate them and help them connect with their own fierce determination — to put their Moxie into Motion. Whether you are taking your first steps towards better health, returning from an absence or are an established athlete, Michelle can take you to the next level with her holistic hands-on approach to motivation, movement and nutrition. Moxie in Motion is a community that shows that movement, nutrition, mindfulness, happiness and wellness are all intertwined.

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  • Moxie In Motion is hands down the best. Michelle has changed my body in so many ways. Not only will she kick your ass she is also the sweetest most kind person ever. She checks in daily and that is what so many people need like me. She really teaches you how to live healthy. I wish I could give her 10 stars!!!

    Bg B
  • Michelle, just on personality alone, has the moxie to get you seriously motivated!  But add to that her deep fitness knowledge and strategies for weight loss and muscle-building, then you've really got a personal trainer you want to commit to. I certainly did, and I'm super happy with the results. Plus her kitchen skills and focus on nutrition helped me lock in what she was helping me achieve in the gym, and that really made the difference. Thanks, Moxie!

    Ned F
  • I have nothing but great things to say about Michelle at Moxie in Motion. She is the first trainer I've worked with that actually seems to care about my health and physical results - and I have seen results. If I could, I would train with Michelle every day. She's shown me that working out doesn't have to be completely miserable. While she kicks my ass, I always have such a good time and I feel like I've not only gained an amazing trainer, but also a friend and support system. I highly, HIGHLY recommend anyone to Michelle who is looking for a trainer that uses encouragement and positivity to motivate their clients. And one that is willing to be so flexible in order to accommodate their needs! I truly love Michelle, and I truly love what she has done to my body! I have a booty! I get compliments all the time!

    Elizabeth P


Over the years, even trainers get bored burned out and plateau. The difference between those that stay healthy as the age and keep the physique they want long after their 20s, and those who don’t... is willingness to adapt.
I LOVE being strong, my ego is surely wrapped up in it as well- but I have found I FEEL my best when my focus is on mobility, movement, flow, stability and frankly not needing to eat to keep up with heavy lifting. Not restricting myself to the box of “heavy lifter”.... That may just be me- others may thrive under heavy resistance- or better yet- have the time to give themselves ample recovery. I’m busy (especially in the new year) and redirecting my attention to my weaknesses is mentally taxing but not as physically taxing- and I love that.
Changing how you train based on your current needs and lifestyle is crucial for longevity in your health. Forcing yourself into the same box year after year (probably because of ego and self imposed expectations) will eventually lead to deterioration rather than growth. Nature is fluid. Flow is progressive and energizing. No living thing thrives in a box.
Kicking up endurance training, sweat time, kettle bells right now and loving it!
How often do you totally change your way of training?? 👊🏼👊🏼
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