What is Moxie In Motion?

Michelle began Moxie in Motion as a way to be more than just a great trainer, and rather create a community for health and wellness. She firmly believes continual growth in every aspect of your life is the key to a life well lived and for that reason sees training in the gym as only a small part towards being optimally healthy and fit. It all ties together; eating right, resistance training, cardio, meditation, stretching, bodywork, mindfulness, getting outdoors, taking action etc… to contribute to making you the best YOU possible.

Moxie in Motion is born from the mind of Michelle Martonick whose ambition, as a personal trainer, is to help her clients get in touch with what drives them. To empower them, educate them and help them connect with their own fierce determination; to put their Moxie into Motion. Whether you are taking your first steps towards better health and fitness, returning from an absence or you are an established athlete, Michelle can take you to the next level with her holistic hands on approach to motivation, movement and diet.

Who is Michelle Martonick?

Everyone wants to be fit, and being fit starts with being healthy. Healthy is whole body, which means focusing on more than JUST your muscles. Michelle’s varied background in functional movement, weightlifting, nutrition, cooking, breath work and living life to its fullest make her an optimal candidate for leading the way to a more fully lived, wholly balanced, optimally healthy life.

Why She’s a Badass

  • NASM Personal Trainer
  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Neuro Kinetic Therapy level 1
  • Competitive Bodybuilder
  • Functional Movement Systems level 1
  • Certified Nutritionist
  • Breath Work Lover
  • Competitive Powerlifter
  • Yoga and Pilates doer
  • Recovering Extremist
  • Converted Cynic
  • Degree in Culinary Arts